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Free VEX Tutorials

Hey everyone! I've got some of that sweet-sweet good news for you. I have some free stuff for you.

So, if you've been following our content for a while, you may be aware of the "Houdini Isn't Scary" series which we released a while ago. It was quite popular and has been well received by the community.

This got me thinking about releasing a new series for beginners. One that hasn't been done before - "VEX Isn't Scary". I decided to make it available on Patreon for those who were paying patrons. However, SideFX got into contact with me and we agreed to move the series from behind the Patreon pay-wall. SideFX has now published the first half of the series over on Vimeo and on their website. It is now available for free and anyone can watch it!

If you enjoyed the "Houdini Isn't Scary" series, you'll likely love this. Whether you're new to VEX, have always struggled with it, or even have a basic knowledge of it, the "Vex Isn't Scary" series is perfect for you. Give it a watch and tell me how it is. You can find it here.

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